Mosques Tourism Trails

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Mosques Tourism Trails

Did you know, in Malaysia we have more than 6,000 mosques including in Sabah and Sarawak?

Malaysia is filled with beautiful mosques that are rich with history. Each mosque has its own unique attributes that are shown through architectural influences from around the world. Mosques are an excellent place for tourists to learn about the culture of the local Muslim community. 

As such, Mosque Tourism, an initiative supported by ITC, has huge potential to present Malaysia’s diverse culture, historical background and Islamic identity and will attract tourists to visit the mosques.

There are more than 80 mosques nationwide that have great potential to be developed for Mosque Tourism.

In recent years, ITC has keenly observed the growing interest in Mosque Tourism. Recognising this trend and growing interest, ITC saw the demand for mosque tours to be conducted in a systematic and tourist-friendly way.

In conjunction with ITW 2022, ITC presents Mosque Tourism Trails where you can get to know about mosques in Malaysia in just one click.

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